First Financial Advisors offers comprehensive financial planning services to help answer the toughest questions about your financial future, such as: “Am I saving enough?” Or, “Can I afford to retire?” Or, “Can I reduce my taxes?” Though attaining your financial goals can never be guaranteed, proper planning can greatly increase your odds of success. Let us show you how…

  • Getting to Know You and Your Unique Needs

  • Designing Your Personal Financial Plan

  • Diversified Wealth Management

  • Tax Planning and Ongoing Advice

Getting to Know You and Your Unique Needs

First Financial Advisors is committed to building successful client relationships through open, honest interaction, strict adherence to ethical business practices and the continuous pursuit of service excellence.


In order to offer truly customized investment strategies, we need to get to know you. That takes time, of course, but we believe the effort is worth it. We’ll take you through an extensive, confidential data gathering process to uncover your needs– both the needs you know about and sometimes ones that you don’t. By taking a thorough look at your current situation, we’ll be able to develop a detailed financial plan for you, including recommendations and action steps.

What are your concerns? We can help:


  • Saving for retirement
  • Entering retirement with confidence
  • Maximizing returns without taking unnecessary risks
  • Ensuring you don’t outlive your money
  • Minimizing taxes while in retirement
  • Paying for college
  • Providing for loved ones in the future
  • Knowing when to take Social Security
  • Leaving a lasting legacy

Designing Your Personal Financial Plan

The scope of your financial plan is largely determined by the needs uncovered in the data gathering phase, described above. If retirement planning is your main concern, that’s what we’ll focus on. If investment management is your main concern, that’s what we’ll focus on. A good financial plan is sometimes referred to as a “financial map,” laying out your best route to success. But we view financial planning as more of an interactive process– more like a GPS navigator. There will be bumps in the road, of course, and unexpected detours. But as your advisor, we’ll be right there with you to recalculate your route and ensure you arrive safely at your destination.

Diversified Wealth Management

First Financial Advisors’ wealth management services are designed for individuals, families and organizations who desire ongoing, expert investment advice.


Our services are based on a research-driven process, which seeks to reduce expected risk and increase expected returns. Through meticulous research and keeping a long-term outlook, we build investment portfolios that are appropriate for your unique needs. We do not try to time the market; rather, we work with you to ensure you’re invested properly for all market conditions– both up and down.


Through our partnership with Fidelity Investments, we offer access to the Fidelity Institutional Funds Network, an investment platform with thousands of no-load and load-waived mutual funds. As a fee-only advisor, there are never any sales commissions.


Of course, there are risks involved with investing and results cannot be guaranteed. But having a robust plan in place can help you ride out short-term volatility and increase your long-term chances of success.


Please see our Customer Relationship Summary for additional information and important disclosures.


Tax Planning and Ongoing Advice

Tax planning and wealth management have traditionally been two distinct areas of personal finance, with accounting firms focusing on taxes and brokerage firms focusing on investments. We think that’s short sighted. Managing taxes should be an integral part of your ongoing financial planning and investment strategy.


Tax-efficient investing isn’t as simple as putting all your savings in your 401(k) or tax-deferred retirement plan. Tax-diversified investing may give you more options to manage taxes over your lifetime. First Financial Advisors can show you strategies to maximize the tax-efficiency of your investments– while you’re working, while you’re retired and even when leaving assets to your heirs. The impact of taxes on your investments is too important to ignore.


Our asset management process is designed to ensure that your portfolio is uniquely designed around you and your tax situation. Over time your portfolio will be updated to respond to the dynamics of the capital markets, as well as the changing needs of you and your family.